Wish List

Household Items
Towels – all sizes.  Used but clean please





Bed Covers – all sizes.  Used but clean please




Floor cloths – all sizes.  Used but clean please


Note:  we appreciate your used towels, bed covers and floor cloths that are in usable condition.  Please do not purchase new ones.  We prefer to recycle and not waste perfectly good items. 



Frontline spot-on medication for dogs and cats



Beyer Killtix Tick Collars for dogs





Dettol – disinfectant for general cleaning





 Heiter Bleach for sterilisation of animal spaces





Food/Pet Items

Cat Food (kibble) – we use four (4) 20kg bags of MEO dry kibble a month (we try to always get the seafood flavour as there are no artificial dyes used)




Canned cat food – we use about 150 cans of MEO cat food each month




Dog food (kibble) – we currently use four to five (4-5) 20kg bag of SmartHeart Power Pack dog kibble each month (no dyes in this flavour) for Adult dogs




Cat Litter — we current use about 30-40 10litre bags of Cat Litter each month