Lao Veterinarian Development Project

It is our dream that access to affordable, quality veterinary services are available to all people throughout Laos. We believe that it is essential to develop the local talent pool by providing opportunity and experience to those who are sincerely passionate about animal care and welfare.

Our Young Lao Veterinarian Development Program is designed to offer graduates from the University of Laos’ Veterinary School the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills along side established and experienced professional veterinarians currently practicing in Vientiane Capital.

We currently collaborate with Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) Thailand to offer sponsored short courses at the WVS Thailand International Training Centre in Chiang Mai.  To date, six young Lao veterinarians have attended the programme including two of the lecturers at the NUOL Veterinary Medicine Programme.  We hope to further partner with WVS to develop other opportunities for training and eventually develop an International Training Centre here in Laos.

We will also select graduates from the NUOL program to work at the Animal Recovery Centre and Sanctuary, and intern with an established veterinary clinic to continually upgrade their knowledge and skills.

The program will ensure that by the time these veterinarians are ready to venture out on their own, they will possess the necessary skills and knowledge needed to serve both the communities and animals in the areas they live in. We will then also work to assist with the establishment of satellite practices in less-urban areas and continue to support them to ensure that they are able to be of service to their communities.

While our work in Vientiane focuses on dogs and cats, we understand that much of Laos is still dependent on agricultural activities. As such, our Young Lao Veterinarian Program will require that participants are also trained and able to also meet the needs of the domesticated farm animals in their communities.