Our Mission is to develop programmes that will support the Lao government and community towards improving the quality of lives for companion animals (ie. pets) in Laos.

We will work towards supporting the Lao community and government in three areas:

Community Education
1. work with both local and international schools to develop programs on responsible animal ownership
2. work to support the Government on developing vaccination programs to prevent rabies and other pet-related preventable diseases throughout the country

1. work with the community to develop and promote adoption and foster programs
2. work with veterinarians to conduct Spay/Neuter Clinics to prevent overpopulation
3. work with the community to develop an effective rescue team
4. develop rescue/recovery centre for dogs and cats in need
5. build a sanctuary for senior and disabled dogs and cats

Capacity Building
1. develop and train teams of local veterinarians
2. develop and train caregivers