About Us

Vimaan Suan Foundation to Assist Disadvantaged Dogs and Cats is a registered non-profit Foundation in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic that focuses on improving the quality of life for companion animals in Laos. Our volunteers and teams include both Lao and expats with one vision – a kinder, gentler and more animal-loving Laos.

What does “Vimaan Suan” mean?

In Lao language, Vimaan means “paradise” and Suan means “garden” – “Vimaan Suan” therefore translates as Garden Paradise.

We operate a small Animal Recovery Centre where our rescues go to after they are treated by our partner veterinarians/clinics.  We work to rehabilitate them and learn to trust humans again before we eventually find them forever homes.

In addition, we also hope to also support the Lao government and community by developing community-based educational and involvement programmes such as vaccination and Trap-Neuter/Spay–Recover-Release (TNRR) programs to help mange the local stray population and prevent overpopulation. 

What We Are Not

Vimaan Suan is not an activist organisation and does not support or endorse unlawful or disruptive activities such as protests or demonstrations.  We are firmly committed to improving the lives of companion animals and the people who love and care for them through education, community service and believe that we can effect change by setting and being positive examples in society.

Vimaan Suan is not a boarding facility and will not take in animals for boarding. If you need your pet boarded while you are away, please contact Vientiane Dog Paradise, Le Cattititde Cafe Cat Cafe & Hotel or your veterinarian.

Vimaan Suan is also not a veterinary clinic and does not provide private or commercial medical services for pets.  If you are in need of veterinary assistance for your pets, please contact your local veterinarian (or a vet from the Resources List) immediately.

Vimaan Suan also does not support the export or import of animals for adoption nor do we support any organisations that advocate it.  We firmly believe that every country is faced with its own challenges to find enough homes for animals in need, and we do not need to contribute to that problem. HOWEVER, If you adopt a pet while living in Laos, we strongly urge you to plan on taking your pet with you when you relocate because we believe pets are family and forever.  If you know that you cannot take your pet with you when you move, please consider fostering instead.