Vimaan Suan Sanctuary will be built in a semi-rural farming area in Naxaythong District of Vientiane Capital, about 40 minutes drive from the center of town. With a total of 3,682 square meters of land, the property is spacious enough to create  separate cage-free environments for senior and special-needs cats and dogs.

There will be dog runs that will include small structures that will be furnished with sofas and bedding to encourage them to feel more at home than in a shelter or sanctuary setting.

The section for cats will be surrounded by cat-safe fencing attached to the walls to keep the resident cats safe, and a screened-in enclosure for severely disabled and senior cats that require more attention and care.   Separate spaces are also planned for cats with FELV and FIV.  Other healthier cats will be allowed to roam freely within the cat-safe area, and will be available for adoption or fostering